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Former State Department official Peter Van Buren is writing a blog about the current situation in Iraq.  His powerful look behind-the-scenes at America's reconstruction efforts, We Meant Well, was just published by Henry Holt & Company.

The Bradley Manning Support Network provides current information regarding the status of the soldier accused of leaking the helicopter video, as well as ways to take action.

The full unedited video released by WikiLeaks of the helicopter assault from July of 2007 can be seen here. Wikipedia's detailed and informative entry on the incident and its aftermath is here.

Ethan McCord and fellow veteran Josh Steiber published an Open Letter of Reconciliation and Responsibility to the Iraqi People soon after the WikiLeaks video release.  The mother of the children wounded in the Apache attack, Ahlam Abdelhussein Tuman (whom James Spione plans to interview), accepted the soldiers' apology in an article in the Times of London.

Washington Post journalist David Finkel, who wrote an acclaimed book about Bravo Company 2-16, The Good Soldiers, had an interesting and somewhat heated exchange with some online questioners the day after the "Collateral Murder" video was released.

More recently, the WikiLeaks site released the Iraq War Logs, thousands of documents from the Pentagon, including details on similar events during the conflict.

Information, stills and clips from earlier films by Jim Spione can be found on IMDb, YouTube, or on the official websites for Our Island Home and American Farm.
Ethan McCord with daughter Mikayla in a scene from the film.  ©2011 Morninglight Films.